WELcome to MedAchievers HEALTHCARE BUSINESS club: crafted for your success!!

MedAchievers is glad to launch healthcare leaders business club. The entire concept is designed to make successful venture in different verticals of healthcare. The selected leaders from different parts of the world get opportunity to share business. We at MedAchievers are very clear that this platform is not just for networking, rather we have an opportunity mining team that helps to find and also create space for your business and solution for your need.  

MedAchievers have and also welcomes global players looking for opportunities in the healthcare space. We have all the right reasons to be part of your glorious journey. Our huge presence and expanse across the country makes us different than other players. We are not consultants, rather we are your partner. We work with you and make you succeed and reach your goal. We don't work with few members claiming them best of the world, rather we create unique force that is needed to drive your business. Our expertise and vibrant services range from basic to high end procedures. And our premium service development and promotion platform helps the premium brands to establish themselves in business.

Team Strength of the club: We understand, the founder cannot be one man army but can make the army. So, Harsha Vardhan, the Founder of MedAchievers is a proven leader and known face of healthcare business. He has been very successful in multiple ventures in the field of healthcare. Coming from the legacy of 120 years in healthcare, he represents the best possible amalgamation of energy, intelligence and scientific approach of initiating any new project or venture. Under his leadership, MedAchievers has successfully managed to launch successful services and products from USA, UK, Australia and Singapore. 

Domain expertise of the club: MedAchievers defines "Healthcare" as a perfect amalgamation of Finance, Infrastructure, IT, Technology, Innovation and Clinical science. So by saying we are "Healthcare experts", we mean we under all the needed ingredients of successful venture. We partner you to make each of them perfect and make your venture stronger to face challenges and cruise longer distance.

Please fill the form below and let us design an unique solution for you. We don't sell what we cook, rather we create what you need!!


Med Analyst

The service that aims to work on real time data and intelligence of healthcare industry. "Med Analyst" is one of the finest and independent way to develop product or project life. MedAchievers with the help of thousands of experts works towards result oriented analysis.



Med Launch

We at MedAchievers understand, right launch makes the product easy to reach the target market. And this our aim at "Med Launch". We have successfully done it and again the reason of success is customization of team, knowledge and exposure of technology and deep presence in the industry. MedAchievers is one of the most successful platform with proven years of presence.

Med Manage

Our "Med Manage" services are super shot that we developed after huge demand from our global clients. This includes managing services and teams in India for the partner organization. We manage the entire skilling, deployments and management of the work force.



Med Craft

Our "Med Craft" is the customized engine composed of tools, specially designed team and market presence. This method of work is "secret sauce" of our exclusive service experience and your success with us. MedAchievers have been successfully partnering companies from all across the globe. This is amalgamation of our services right from "Analyst", "Launch", "Manage".

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