India moves towards healthier model of living

Indian population is now more health conscious society. The change in culture is due to the change in our media behaviour. In past few months Indian government with the help of leading media, agencies and all possible method is talking about preventive healthcare. MedAchiever during it's survey found that Clean India drive is now seen effectively working in every part of the country. The lesser use of polythene, proper garbage management and clean campaign by leading face of the society from films, sports and politics has made remarkable impact. The next thing that we could pick from our survey and research is penetration of digital technology has made people closer to the advancement of healthcare process and thus increase chances of getting treated faster. Third Pick that makes us mention here is the paying intensity for health has increased. Most of the not so well doing population even is investing in healthcare beyond capacity. The development of the ecosystem indicates towards the society that would lead to lesser expense of curative measures if the society keeps moving towards preventive care and clean society.

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