Welcome to Med Connect: One place for Funds, Mentors, Management and Establishment of Healthcare Business

MedAchievers is global platform that answers all healthcare needs. With the strong team of Entrepreneurs, Experts,  Investors, Angel Funds, Senior doctors, Research partners, Hospitals, Government bodies & International presence, this is an unique amalgamation of Academics and commerce. Our wide range of experts and offices at India, Australia, Finland, USA and Singapore makes the entire work seamless. We have end to end solution including the stage of idea to implementation. 

The Incubator

Incubation needs lots of effort and it's necessary to shape the beginning stage of any venture. Every venture is different as the promoters are different. And it needs deeper analysis and mentoring designed with precision. MedAchievers offers a pool of resource in following areas:

  • Angel funds
  • Venture capital and PE
  • Mentoring and service development.
  • Market reach and establishment support in healthcare services.
  • Legal services 
  • Start-up community connect 

Global Healthcare

The global service and  product establishment is an unique strength that MedAchievers brings to the world of healthcare business:

  • Two way transaction advisory.
  • Brand establishment in global space.
  • Management services
  • Advisory services
  • Team and operational logistics support and services.
  • Customized service for product and service type.
  • Establishment support in India, USA, Singapore, Estonia and Australia.

Med Fund

MedAchievers understands the fact that money can be a need at any stage of Business. And even the established brands need the funding support to scale up or manage large scale operations. We offer following kinds of venture funds:

  • Venture capital funds
  • Private Equity services
  • Debt funding
  • Project funding 
  • Merger and Acquisition 
  • Global funds and JV

Evolve with us

Healthcare is in the state of transformation. And in order to keep the interaction within stake holders of this industry we have an unique engine that works with Doctors, Research scholars, Engineers and Facility developers.

  • Innovation led Medical education.
  • Medical Research
  • Market Research
  • Tools and Technology development and selection
  • Frugal Innovation.
  • Showcase and Team building
  • Technology transfer and customization

We are here to help